Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bryce's Blessing

Mardi Gras 5K

A few months late, but this was back in March.

From left to right: Jenna G, Me, Camille, Amy, Jenna L, and Jenny

The Results-

19‑29 Results ‑ Women 5000 Run

1 Lisa Murphy W Saugus 7:24.4 23:00.60
2 Amy Shillig W Canyon Country, CA 8:09.1 25:19.56
3 Stephanie Sulstrom W Castaic, CA 8:18.3 25:48.16
4 Jenna Livingston W Canyon Country, CA 9:00.8 28:00.17
5 Lindsey Kontra W Santa Clarita, CA 9:11.5 28:33.36
6 Susan Alfaro W Alhambra, CA 9:29.8 29:30.22
7 Kristin Tayo W Canyon Country, CA 9:30.6 29:32.64
8 Nicole Holcomb W Castaic 9:33.5 29:41.81
9 Kristin Brekke W Canyon Country, CA 9:55.8 30:50.96
10 Vanessa Dinedas W Santa Clarita 10:00.7 31:06.31
11 Sherry Gottfredson W Canyon Country, CA 10:44.1 33:21.07
12 Brigitte Swenson W Castaic, CA 10:44.8 33:23.09
13 Heather Kennedy W Valencia, CA 11:02.7 34:18.76
14 Kelly Nish W Santa Clarita, CA 11:36.9 36:05.07
15 Tiffani Ward W Castaic, CA 11:43.1 36:24.33
16 Jessica Slechta W Thousand Oaks, CA 11:44.6 36:29.05
17 Jenna Gunson W Canyon Country, CA 12:58.5 40:18.53
18 Krystal Reyes W newhall, CA 13:11.5 40:58.89
19 Leanne Schuetz W Valencia, CA 13:12.5 41:02.04
20 Gretchen Van W Santa Monica, CA 14:21.4 44:36.26
21 Ari Slauson W Castaic, CA 14:29.7 45:01.95
22 Brittany Swenson W Castaic, CA 14:29.8 45:02.18
23 Stephanie Smith W Valencia, CA 16:46.1 52:05.60
24 Ashley Butler W Phoenix, AZ 17:22.1 53:57.66
25 Ali Neill W Castaic, CA 17:45.5 55:10.22

I surprised myself at how well I did, 11th place in my age group and it only took me 33 min to complete 3 miles. Thanks to my ipod and pumped up music. I have to admit Justin Bieber got me through the last leg. "Never Say Never" :)

I am happy for the friends I have to challenge me to do things, I've always wanted to do.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mini Vacation

I love how we can have a Mini vacation every time Jason has to go out of town for work. His job has taken us to Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, Anaheim, and San Diego.
Our recent trip was to Anaheim, Jason had to go to a 3 day training so I decided what an opportunity to get a break. So we picked a more family friendly hotel for us to stay at, for the same price his work was going to put him up in. The decision was Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel.

Every morning we dropped Jason off 15 min away to his class. And enjoyed the rest of the time swimming, watching movies, and exploring Downtown Disney.

My kids love swimming, and I am always happy to take them to the pool on a beautiful day.
The pool area also had a water slide but Kaleb decided not to try it out.

The best part of the Hotel they had a mini movie theater in which they showed classic Mickey Mouse movies.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hoover Dam

On our way home from our recent Utah trip we got to stop and take a tour of the Hoover Dam.